Marinas, commercial and cruise ports

Marinas, commercial and cruise ports

The increasing popularity of pleasure boating in recent years has resulted in overcrowded harbours, a situation which public and private authorities are striving to rectify. Artelia uses its experience in this field to create, extend or rehabilitate all types of marina, including their land-based and maritime infrastructure, paying particular attention to architectural integration, landscaping and environmental quality. Artelia’s expertise also covers the long-distance cruising sector and facilities for large yachts and ships. 

Commercial ports 
Commercial ports have become complex installations, where numerous issues such as protection, shiphandling, traffic, mooring, stability and dredging converge. To ensure efficient operation, Artelia calls on its planning and design experts, who use powerful port operation optimisation tools and draw on their experience of building, extending and rehabilitating breakwaters, specialised quays, and RoRo and ferry terminals. 

Cruise ports
The growing popularity of cruises and the ever more stringent requirements of cruise operators mean that dedicated infrastructure is increasingly required in ports. 

Algeria | Skikda

Artelia is performing the studies to extend the port of Skikda (Algeria), involving the creation of three additional berths to accommodate oil tankers, LNG carriers and container carriers.

France | La Grande-Motte

La Grande-Motte, a thriving seaside resort, has undertaken to expand its marina and surrounding urban area as a route to securing its future prosperity.

France | Port-la-Nouvelle

The regional, departmental and intermunicipal authorities have decided to commission a project to extend installations at Port-La-Nouvelle, the study of which had been launched in 2012.