Brittany-Loire high-speed rail line

Brittany-Loire high-speed rail line
Context & Issues

The Brittany-Loire high-speed rail line connects the cities of Le Mans and Rennes via a new 182 km-long track. One of the challenges of this project lay in tying the high-speed rail line in with the existing network, which is itself undergoing major maintenance and upgrading works.

To manage these complexities SNCF called on Artelia, who provided expertise and management tools to assist with planning the operations, assessing the risks, meeting environmental commitments and coordinating the various work sites in accordance with the stakeholders’ expectations. Artelia is also acting as an accredited independent technical inspection body within the design/construction/maintenance consortium. 

Project characteristics

182 km-long railway line
240 engineering structures, including 11 viaducts
8 connections to existing lines (representing 32 km of tracks)