Lyon-Turin high-speed tunnel

The longest railway tunnel in the world
Lyon-Turin high-speed tunnel
Context & Issues

Crossing the Alps over a distance of 57.5 km between Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in France and Susa in Italy, the twinbored base tunnel will be the longest rail tunnel ever built. It will constitute the centrepiece of a new high-speed rail link between France and Italy that aims to transport 5 million passengers and nearly
40 million tonnes of freight per year, thereby reducing road transport and the resulting pollution issues.

TELT (Tunnel Euralpin Lyon Turin), the project developer, has chosen Artelia to lead the project management consortium that will assist it in implementing this large-scale project, currently slated for completion in 2030. Artelia’s assignment will consist in coordinating the many parties involved throughout the project. The contract also includes the performance of studies in all the fields concerned by the development: civil engineering, geology, geotechnical engineering, railway equipment, railway development, environment and safety.

Project characteristics
  • Length: 57.5km 
  • 2 single-track tunnels
  • Connections at the international stations of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (France) and Susa (Italy)
  • Key structure aiming to transport:
    - 5 million travellers each year 
    - nearly 40 million tonnes of goods