Road and motorway transport

Road and motorway transport

Drawing on its extensive experience of major linear infrastructure, Artelia provides a complete range of design and construction supervision services from preliminary studies through to acceptance of works. Artelia designs the layouts, sewerage, earthworks, roadways and road equipment with input from the group’s hydraulics, hydrogeology and environment teams.


Artelia continued providing services to concession companies managing the French motorway network. Highlights of the year 2016 included works to widen the Boulou-Le Perthuis section of the A9 and make it more earthquake-resistant on behalf of ASF. 

France | Saint-Denis de La Réunion

Destined to replace the existing road, which has become too vulnerable to landslides, the monumental highway along the coast between Saint-Denis and Le Port has moved into its construction phase. 

France | Paris

Tying in with redevelopment of the Bruneseau district, re-configuring the Quai d’Ivry interchange is a complex operation involving creating several engineering structures and diverting the extremely busy Paris ring road.