New coastal highway

New coastal highway
Context & Issues

Destined to replace the existing road, which has become too vulnerable to landslides, the monumental highway along the coast between Saint-Denis and Le Port has moved into its construction phase. 

Half of its 12-km route will be built on a causeway, while the other half will run on a new viaduct to be built over the sea. 

Three new interchanges will also be built. Artelia has been appointed to assist the Owner with administrative, technical and environmental aspects and is also involved, via its subsidiary CLI, in the deployment of ACCROPODETM II armour facing units to protect the embankments.

Project characteristics

New section of road measuring 12.5 km, of which 12 km are above the sea: 

  • 6.3 km section on a causeway
  • 5.65 km section on a viaduct built over the sea
  • Three interchanges: Saint-Denis, Grande Chaloupe, La Possession