Quai d’Ivry interchange

Quai d’Ivry interchange
Context & Issues

Tying in with redevelopment of the Bruneseau district, re-configuring the Quai d’Ivry interchange is a complex operation involving creating several engineering structures and diverting the extremely busy Paris ring road. A first part of the road has been reopened on one of the two definitive bridges, being built on numerous tall supports that will provide a means of developing a boulevard beneath the ring road.

Project characteristics

Seven structures must be built:

  • Two composite four-girder caisson bridges with four 73 m long continous spans.
  • Four curved prestressed bridges: OA1: 5 spans, 102 m – OA2: 5 spans, 109 m – OA5: 4 spans, 89 m – OA6: 7 spans, 150 m.
  • A 60 m long, reinforced concrete framework structure passing underneath the ring road.
  • Deep foundations: diaphragm walls, 1000 mm diameter piles.
  • High retaining structures: anchored retaining walls, soldier pile walls, reinforced earth.
  • High backfilling, earthworks and disposal of polluted materials
  • Roads and utilities.
  • Dynamic equipment, public lighting, various networks (optical fibre, transmission, etc.).
  • Sewerage galleries with manholes.