Grand Paris Express Metro

Grand Paris Express Metro
Context & Issues

Making it easier for each inhabitant to access vital services and reducing commuting times are the key objectives of the Grand Paris Express. This driverless metro project, which is as vast as it is complex, forms the core of the redeployed transport network that will serve the Paris metropolitan area. It ties in with the broader urban, social and economic ambitions of the Grand Paris project.

This vast-scale extension of the Greater Paris transport network, involving creating 200 km of driverless lines and 68 stations, will form the backbone for the region’s development for several decades to come. It is a strategic undertaking for the Greater Paris area and is mobilising nearly 150 of our employees. Significant progress was made on all lines in 2016, with the prospect of Paris potentially being chosen to host the 2024 Olympic Games.

Project characteristics
  • 200 km of tracks
  • 68 new stations
  • More than 100 employees involved