Montpellier Tramway

Line 5
Montpellier Tramway
Context & Issues

Artelia is the lead firm of the consortium providing design services and works supervision for the 5th tram line in Montpellier.

Project characteristics

The construction of Montpellier tram line 5 comprises:

  • approximately 13 km of lines, between Laverune (west of Montpellier) and the connection with lines 3 and 4 in the city centre, then between the common section with line 1 in Saint-Eloi and Clapiers to the north,
  • 25 stations, including 5 along the common section, which have already been completed,
  • a new depot for the entire network (90 trams),
  • 10 engineering structures, including the Gennevaux bridge,
  • 5 park & ride facilities (ranging from 50 to 450 parking spaces).

Broken down into 7 sections, the general commissioning procedure is scheduled for 2025.