Deconstruction – Asbestos removal – Demolition - Decontamination

Deconstruction – Asbestos removal – Demolition - Decontamination

With 50 years’ applied expertise in project management, Artelia has built up unique know-how in the decontamination, demolition and deconstruction of buildings and complex structures. 

Having supervised the removal of asbestos from more than 3 million m² of building surface, Artelia is a real leader in this important sector of green construction activity.

France | Vaujours

Placoplatre launched the project to deconstruct Fort Vaujours (Greater Paris) in order to exploit a gypsum quarry located 40 m below the surface. Built in 1876, the fort was occupied by the German army during the Second World War and was rocked by a series of explosions in 1945.

France | Aulnay-sous-Bois

Stringent constraints regarding delivery dates due to property transactions (CARREFOUR – SGP).