Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Centre
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Centre
Project characteristics

The centre comprises:

  • the largest clean room in France,
  • laboratories (6 material laboratories, 5 technology centre laboratories, 14 electronic transport laboratories, 45 photonics laboratories, 3 microsystem laboratories, 10 biochemistry laboratories),
  • 3,700 m² of offices,
  • an effluent treatment plant,
  • production units for fluids, special gases and “ultra pure” gases used for specific processes,
  • a 200-seat amphitheatre,
  • a zone dedicated to higher education (classroom, resource centre, etc.),
  • an underground car park (4,500 m²).

Surface area: 23,500 m² of which:

  • clean room: 3,500 m²,
  • laboratories: 5,000 m².

The clean room is highly technically sophisticated and built to a particle control level that complies with ISO8 to ISO4 standards (at least ISO 6 over more than half of the floor space).
Furthermore, 15% of the clean room surface area is dedicated to teaching and to visiting companies.
The research laboratories specialising in physics, biology and teaching activities are built up to very strict standards in terms of vibrations and air treatment, in order to limit interference between certain operations.

Performance levels required: RT 2012 thermal regulations (energy efficiency), HQE green-building standards and operation / maintenance.