Humanitas University Campus

Context & Issues

Construction of a new university campus in Rozzano, representing a surface area of about 25.000 m². The new university complex consists of three buildings, one dedicated to Didactics for the faculty of Medicine, the second one accommodating the research laboratories and the third building, called HUB, housing several facilities such as the canteen, library, study rooms, internet cafes and bars. The HUB and Didactic buildings consist of two floors above ground, an underground level connecting the three buildings, an underground car park, an outdoor car park, access roads, green areas, etc.
The Research Building is connected to the two other buildings by a technical tunnel and consists of a basement floor, three floors above ground, and a technical floor. The Didactics Building provides classrooms of different sizes, the auditorium and the offices for administration. 
The simulation classrooms located in the basement provide a major contribution to the technological advancement in the university world. The rooms faithfully reproduce the operating theater environment, enabling students to be involved in realistic simulations. The Humanitas group has achieved a level of excellence in the field of scientific research, and has therefore decided to invest in the creation of a dedicated facility, in addition to those currently in operation. The "Research" building contains about 30 laboratories of microbiology, molecular biology, PCL3 containment level laboratories, R.I.A. (etc.) and the relevant offices and facilities for the administration and management staff.