Médipôle Lyon-Villeurbanne

Largest private hospital in France (7 healthcare establishments grouped together)
Médipôle Lyon-Villeurbanne
Context & Issues

Médipôle Lyon Villeurbanne is the result of 4 healthcare establishments operated by La Mutualité du Rhône and 2 operated by Capio in the eastern part of Lyon being combined on a single site.

The challenges faced by Artelia in this complex, large-scale project are as follows:

  • The company is responsible for most of the design and construction supervision services: engineering (excluding the structure), supervision of works, environmental aspects, operation and maintenance, and economic aspects. Our partner Sanaé Architecture has produced the primary design of the central technical facilities.
  • Construction of a "sustainable" building with HQE "excellent" certification while complying with budget requirements.
  • Compliance with the works budget and risk control in general, which is one of the Owners' principal demands.
  • Use of innovative technical solutions: on the building façades (insulated double walls), via the convergence of the building's and user's digital systems, in order to meet the requirements of tomorrow's "digital hospital".
  • Careful inclusion and optimisation of operation and maintenance aspects right from the design stage to provide the most ergonomic building possible at the optimum overall cost.
Project characteristics
  • HQE-certified building: 60,000 m² on 7 levels | 5 ha of land
  • Capacity: 740 beds and spaces
  • 28 operating suites | 2 C-section suites
  • 250-seat amphitheatre