Private clinic Saint-Jean-l'Ermitage

Clinique privée Saint-Jean-l'Ermitage
Context & Issues

Two in one
The Saint-Jean l'Ermitage private clinic in Melun operates on two sites in the Melun area. The project consists of grouping the clinic's activities on the same site, moving closer to the Marc Jacquet hospital centre and forming a single hospital centre, a private clinic and a public hospital.

An urban and human hospital centre
The project has been designed to preserve the site and create a place where the conditions for receiving patients and the working environment for the care teams are of the highest quality.

HQE standard 
The project's environmental approach is based on compliance with the 14 targets of the HQE standard. The pooling of technical sources, including heating and air treatment, contributes to the efficiency of the buildings.

Project characteristics
  • Surface area: 21,000 m²
  • 244 beds and places