Shopping centres

Shopping centres

Often built in the 1970s and 80s, many shopping centres are being given a complete facelift, involving extensive redevelopment work.

Adding floor space, facilitating the movement of vehicles and shoppers, allowing natural light to enter, planting vegetation, and choosing materials with care: these are the main concerns in efforts to make shopping centres more appealing and environment-friendly.

It is in this spirit that Artelia’s know-how is called upon in the context of a variety of projects in France and around the world.

Italy | Bergame

The Orio Shopping Centre, on the outskirts of Bergamo, is owned by Commerz Real. The expansion of the Centre was carried out by Italy’s Percassi Group, which was also responsible for the original development of the property and, in addition, owns parts of the new areas.

Belgium | Brussels

Economic assignment in the framework of the design studies and construction of the Néo centre comprising businesses, leisure facilities, activity areas and housing, as part of the Europea project.