Shopping centre, housing and ancillary functions on the Heysel plateau
PROJET NEO1 shopping mail Brussels - Belgium
Context & Issues

Economic assignment in the framework of the design studies and construction of the Néo centre comprising businesses, leisure facilities, activity areas and housing, as part of the Europea project.

The assignment concerned the first part of the project, known as Néo 1, consisting of a shopping centre, housing and ancillary facilities forming part of a larger mixed-use project on the Heysel plateau in Brussels comprising businesses, leisure facilities and tertiary-sector premises.

Project characteristics
  • Total floor area: 116 000 m².
  • Two-storey car park providing about  3500 spaces.
  • A four-storey shopping centre with about 110 000 m² GLA and a 22 000 m² mall (including a 14 400 m² cinema and an indoor leisure centre covering about 15 000 m²).
  • 4400 m² of offices.
  • A building dedicated to leisure activities covering about 2000 m².
  • Premises within the retail area providing access to the residential areas built above.