The design of dams and large hydraulic structures made a significant contribution to Sogreah’s international reputation prior to its merger with Coteba. Artelia’s teams are capable of taking on highly technical and increasingly ambitious projects. Designing and building dams to generate hydropower, control river flows, open up waterways to shipping and create lakes and reservoirs is hence one of Artelia’s main fields of expertise. The company has honed these skills through working on all types of structure (arch, concrete gravity, RCC, rockfill and earth dams) and the associated facilities (flood spillways, siphons, tunnels, feed chambers and stilling basins).

Artelia has been accredited by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Transport to perform safety studies of hydraulic structures. This accreditation, to perform monitoring on embankments and dams, attests to the skills and dedication of the teams working daily alongside operators, especially on nearly 40 class A or B large dams owned by Electricité de France. Numerous hydrological and dam break wave studies have also been performed in order to prevent risks related to managing these major structures. 





The Malawi Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development appointed Artelia to supervise the works on the rockfill dam designed for irrigating the Bwanje Valley, the project being funded by the European Union.

Mauritius | Moka

Lying across the Terre Rouge river in Mauritius, the 2.5 km-long Bagatelle Dam was built with a view to remedying drinking water shortages in the Port-Louis and lower Plaines-Wilhems area. The project was completed in 2017, when the dam’s reservoir was filled. 

Lebanon | Batroun

The goal of the project is to make up for shortage of drinking water in the upper Batroun District, and to use the remaining static storage to compensate for the shortage of irrigation water.

France | Boissise-le-Roi et Boissise-la-Bertrand

Vives-Eaux dam was initially built in 1928 on the river Seine upstream of Paris and downstream of Melun.