Kigoro drinking water treatment plant

Kigoro drinking water treatment plant
Context & Issues

Greater Nairobi suffers from a chronic shortage in drinking water. The Government of Kenya has declared that finding a solution to this problem is a national priority. A master plan has defined a programme to find new water resources and the associated infrastructure to meet the needs of Nairobi and the 13 peripheral cities at least until 2035.

The Kigoro drinking water treatment plant is a key facility in the context of this programme. 

Project characteristics

he initial capacity of the plant is 142,500 m3/day, with the possibility of extending it to 285,000 m²/day.

The water treatment process comprises the following stages:

  • Flocculation
  • Coagulation
  • Settling
  • Filtration
  • pH adjustment and final disinfection

The treated water is then stored in a 70,000 m3 reservoir.