Assistance with drawing up water resource management plans (“PGRE”) in the PACA region

water resource management plans (“PGRE”) in the PACA region
Context & Issues

Every year in France, about twenty départements are subjected to water consumption restrictions. The existing crisis management tools (drought decrees), which are theoretically only used on an exceptional basis, have become standard resource management tools due to chronic water shortages.

Drawing up and implementing water resource management plans (PGRE) is one of the priority objectives of the SDAGE Rhône Méditerranée (water development and management master plan) for the 2016-2021 period in order to meet environmental targets regarding water in the areas identified as suffering from an unbalanced situation.

The PGREs follow on from the studies on abstractable volumes and aim to specify (in cooperation with local players) the actions that must be implemented to protect the functionality of aquatic environments and to meet water requirements eight years out of ten without triggering a crisis management procedure.