Interactive Atlas

of marshland, plains, lowlands and river basins
Interactive Atlas
Context & Issues

In 2000, the FAO drafted the marshland master plan by drawing up an inventory and a classification of marshlands depending on their pedological and hydrological characteristics. According to this study, the total surface area of marshlands in Burundi was 117,993 ha, of which 81,403 ha were cultivated, i.e. 69% of the total surface area. Two 1:250,000 scale maps were prepared: one covering the lowlands and river basins and the other for hydrological data.

In developing an atlas of marshlands/lowlands, irrigated plains and river basins that includes support manuals for improving project management, the objective of the present study is to enable the DGR (Ministry of Resources) to manage the country’s land assets thanks to reliable and user-friendly tools.

The atlas is also one of the expected outcomes of the national agricultural investment programme, as stated in 2013 during a workshop on irrigation development schemes bringing together all the technical and financial partners concerned.

Project characteristics

Total surface area: 117,993 ha of which 81 403 ha are cultivated