With the surge in urban development, sanitation has become a major global issue that will require a great deal more effort and investment. Each town or city has specific infrastructure requirements, and Artelia uses its wastewater collection and management expertise (networks, storage basins, separate sewerage systems, leak and extraneous water management) to help clients define their individual projects. Artelia is familiar with the problems encountered in rural communities, towns and cities, and for many years has been assisting some of the world's biggest cities with their long-term sanitation projects. Lastly, Artelia also advises its clients with network asset management.

Waste water treatment plants 
With extensive experience in the construction of modern treatment installations (compact, non-polluting, low-energy consumption) and design of optimum sludge recycling solutions (anaerobic digestion, composting, storage, etc.), Artelia assists its clients in adapting their infrastructure in accordance with ever-stricter standards (e.g. the European Council directive concerning urban waste water treatment).

Storm water, flood relief basins 
Storm water is an increasingly important factor in sizing sewer systems. Artelia studies and builds mathematical models of separate networks and has completed numerous schemes to collect, store, treat and redistribute storm water. Today, temporary storage structures are used to avoid costly over-sizing of networks and limit pollution due to runoff. These large underground storage tanks, which are complex structures from both the civil works and hydraulic standpoints, are one of Artelia’s specialities. Such extensive techniques, based on technologies with low operating costs, are also a major area of innovation in the framework of sustainable development.

Palestinian Territories | Khan Younis

The territory of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, suffered for many years from a lack of wastewater treatment facilities. Effluent was discharged into the environment, posing a