Modernisation of the wastewater pre-treatment plant

Modernisation of the wastewater pre-treatment plant
Context & Issues

The Clichy plant is a key wastewater treatment facility in the Greater Paris area, pretreating effluent from an area measuring 108 km2 with a population of more than two million. Modernising and extending the plant, without interrupting operations, requires a highly complex organisation and schedule that Artelia is overseeing as lead firm in the project management consortium. On completion of five years of works, this plant will comply with the most stringent environmental standards: limited discharges into the river Seine, recovery of heat, HQE (green building) certified buildings, and minimised noise and odour nuisance. 
The main objectives of the project consist in:

  • increasing the pre-treatment capacity from 19 to 35 m3/s,
  • building a new stormwater detention basin with a capacity of 70,000 m3
  • Reducing the environmental impact, integrating the plant into its surroundings
  • Reducing disturbance and improving living conditions for local inhabitants