Wastewater treatment plant and associated transfer structures of Chartres

Capacity: 160,000 PE
Chartres wwtp
Context & Issues

In order to comply with current standards for discharging effluent into the environment, the Chartres Métropole urban area authority has embarked on a project to build a new wastewater treatment plant at a site in Mainvilliers and rehabilitate the existing site in Lèves.

This project must be economical from the operating standpoint, and straightforward from the technical standpoint.

Project characteristics

The plant, which will be located five kilometres from the collection point, is designed for a population equivalent of 160,000 and a peak flow rate of 2650 m3/h, and will treat effluent from the municipalities of Champhol, Chartres, Le Coudray, Lèves, Lucé, Luisant, Mainvilliers, Poisvilliers, Gellainville, Saint-Prest, Barjouville and Gasville-Oisème.

The treated effluent is discharged into the river Eure at the outfall from the existing Lèves treatment plant.