Sustainable buildings

Sustainable buildings

Artelia’s Sustainable Buildings department brings together more than 40 specialists in environmental performance, energy efficiency and occupant comfort in buildings during the design, construction and operation phases.



Our consultancy, design and works supervision services include five key areas of expertise:

  • Environmental and energy-efficient design.
  • Energy performance monitoring.
  • Specialist calculations.

  • Improvement of assets.

  • Supervision of environmental certification .

Sensitive to environmental concerns and steeped in a culture of creativity and innovation, our services go beyond the scope of environmental certifications and eco-labels (HQE, BREEAM, LEED, WELL, BBCA, Effinergie, E+C-).

We view a building as rendering a service for its future users and pay special attention to minimising its environmental footprint and maximising comfort, adopting a life-cycle approach to ensure long-term durability. Drawing on our extensive know-how and experience, we are able to commit ourselves as to the building’s future energy consumption at the design stage and guarantee its performance in operation.

Since 2006, we have successfully participated in more than 350 real-estate projects (new construction or renovation) representing 2.7 million m2 in operation.


France | Seine-Saint-Denis

During the first phase, the buildings will provide accommodation for athletes and other services within the Olympic Village. Following this temporary use, they will be redeveloped into a permanent office campus of around 60,000 m². 

France | Paris (75)

This project is part of the Paris Left bank redevelopment operation, which concerns a large area in southeast Paris, managed by SEMAPA, a semi-public company created by Paris City Council.

France | Saint-Denis

Artelia has handed over the Pulse building (France), which will accommodate the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics Organising Committee. This pilot operation is exemplary from an energy and carbon standpoint on account of its use of timber and bio-based materials, some of them reused.

France | Nanterre

Woodeum and BNP Paribas Real Estate are developing the Nanterre - La Défense Arboretum close to Nanterre-Université station. This is a new concept for ecological offices built of timber in a large, 9 ha park on the banks of the Seine.

France | Paris

The City of Paris is renovating 155 school buildings with the aim of reducing their energy consumption by 30% over the next 15 years.

The Design-Build-Operate contract includes a performance guarantee.


It currently covers 140 schools, including:

United Kingdom | Basildon

As part of its UK and international strategic growth, Costa invested £38 million in the construction of a new, 85,695sq ft (7,961m²) state of the art coffee roasting and logistics facility, which includes storage, transport, training and office facilities as well as th