Water transfer & hydraulic structures

Water transfer & hydraulic structures

Water transfer schemes, which are today viewed as inter-basin transfers, must meet environmental criteria. Artelia has a wealth of experience in the technical aspects of such schemes (free surface flows, unsteady flow conditions, water hammer, regulation, etc.).

The Group also enables developers to benefit from its experience in major hydraulic structures such as pumping stations, lift stations, water intakes and outlets, tunnels, vortex shafts, surge shafts, reservoirs, etc.
In addition, Artelia has well-tested know-how in the field of protecting linear infrastructure against floods, especially cases such as a road or rail bridge crossing a river.


United Arab Emirates

Located near the city of Hatta in the United Arab Emirates, the station will generate electricity by making use of the water stored in Hatta Dam. It will have a storage capacity of 1,500 MWh and a life span of 80 years. 

France | Béthune

The first objective for VNF is to develop a tool adapted to the sustainable management of its network: this tool must provide sufficient data on the state of its structures and thereby enable it to plan and optimise its maintenance policy by ranking the measures to be taken by order of priority. 


The project to transfer water from the Nile is part of the project to extend a mining site.

The current water resources (tube wells) are insufficient and it has proved essential to look for a resource located further away from the site.