Qualified inventory of the infrastructure assets of VNF

Qualified inventory of the infrastructure assets of VNF
Context & Issues

The first objective for VNF is to develop a tool adapted to the sustainable management of its network: this tool must provide sufficient data on the state of its structures and thereby enable it to plan and optimise its maintenance policy by ranking the measures to be taken by order of priority. 

The present assignment involves improving and updating the data on the structures based on information that VNF has in its possession as well as other information obtained through additional inventories and exhaustive site inspections, and processing of the data obtained.

One of the main challenges involved in the present assignment is the number, diversity and geographical distribution of the VNF structures.
These structures (totalling more than 6,000) are distributed over seven Regional Divisions: Nord Pas-de-Calais, North-East, Seine Basin, Strasbourg, Centre & Burgundy, Rhône-Saône and South-West.