Waterways, canals and locks

Waterways, canals and locks

Inland waterway traffic is increasing at a fast rate, and this has driven various States to renovate their ageing installations and open up new waterways. Artelia works on the rehabilitation of numerous structures and the creation of new ones, drawing on its comprehensive set of canal, dam and lock engineering skills. It also studies the various issues connected with approach currents and the operation of large-capacity locks.


France | Entre Compiègne et Passel

TEAM’O+ consortium led by ARTELIA, is in charge of to underdake the design services and construction supervision of the Seine-North Europe Canal Sector 1 encompassing 18.7 km between Compiègne and Passel. The project includes the widening and deepening of the Oise River and the creation o

Madagascar | Côte Est

The Pangalanes canal stretches for nearly 700 km along the east coast of Madagascar and is the longest inland waterway in the country.

Congo - Kinshasa

The river Congo is exceptional in more ways than one: it is the second longest river in Africa behind the river Nile (4,700 km), it is also in second place (behind the river Amazon) in terms of its flow and river basin, and it irrigates the second largest tropical rainforest in the world.

France | Béthune

The first objective for VNF is to develop a tool adapted to the sustainable management of its network: this tool must provide sufficient data on the state of its structures and thereby enable it to plan and optimise its maintenance policy by ranking the measures to be taken by order of priority. 


The renovation of Méricourt dam is part of an action plan launched by VNF to modernise and improve the reliability of river infrastructure in order to enable it to fulfil its role completely, in particular concerning its support and development of commercial navigation.

France | Boissise-le-Roi et Boissise-la-Bertrand

Vives-Eaux dam was initially built in 1928 on the river Seine upstream of Paris and downstream of Melun.