Seine-North Europe Canal project

Connecting territories through inland waterway transport
Projet multimodal Canal Seine-Nord Europe
Context & Issues

TEAM’O+ consortium led by ARTELIA, is in charge of to underdake the design services and construction supervision of the Seine-North Europe Canal Sector 1 encompassing 18.7 km between Compiègne and Passel. The project includes the widening and deepening of the Oise River and the creation of an new canal an Oise, the construction of a 6.4 m high lock, 3 transhipment docks and overnight stay , the demolition and construction of 7 bridges.

The Seine–Nord Europe Canal will be the French section Seine-Escaut of the European waterway aimed to create a large gauge canal (Vb class) with multimodal facilities between the Paris area, the port of Le Havre and the North-European waterways network. The 107 km-long canal connects the Oise River at Compiègne with the Dunkerque-Escaut canal at Cambrai.

In 2021, the project moved into the operational phase: after obtaining the prefectoral decree in April, the anticipated work on the quays began in June, then the works to free the sector 1 in September 2021.

Project characteristics

The project includes:

  • Widening and deepening of the Oise River and creating an new canal on the downstream reach,
  • Widening the lateral canal of the Oise River on the upstream reach,
  • Constructing a 6.4 m high lock at Montmacq,
  • Demolishing and constructing 7 bridges,
  • Constructing 3 transhipment docks with a total length of 800 m,
  • Constructing a 200 m long overnight stay dock on the donstream reach,
  •  Implementing environmental developments (13 km long wildlife friendly banks, 13 ha of renaturation of banks using ecological engineering, compensatory measures, etc.)


For more information, consult the project website.