Developing the service station of the future


With 25 years’ experience in managing investments in fuel distribution networks at the international level, Artelia anticipates changes in the sector by developing innovative concepts and solutions:

  • construction of service stations with installations for alternative fuels (LNG, CNG, hydrogen),
  • implementation of prefabricated modular solutions for the shop, awning and other key features of the service station (Modulo concept),
  • development of visionary concepts prefiguring the service station of the future, incorporating new technologies, new lifestyles and user transport modes, as well as the environmental aspect.

For ARTELIA Oil & Gas, now is the time to prepare for the service station of the future!

Assisting fast-changing oil distribution

Station service du futur

Oil & Gas retail is currently undergoing profound change. While certain oil companies are adapting their model by diversifying the activities of service stations and optimising costs, others are abandoning the distribution sector and concentrating on stages higher up the chain. 

New players are emerging on the market, such as mass retailers (supermarkets), regional independent distributors, and powerful international oil companies.

In addition, service station networks must adapt to constantly changing environmental regulations, leading to the development of electric vehicles and alternative fuels: bioethanol, natural gas, hydrogen, synthetic fuels, biodiesel, liquefied gas, etc.

Evolving services for rethinking the entire production-distribution system

It is to anticipate these changes and take up these new challenges that Artelia developed its Fuel Retail Excellence & Innovation Centre of Excellence (ARTELIA Oil & Gas), by capitalising on experience gained in many international multi-service programmes for which Artelia handled all types of issue: planning, flow management, value creation and cost/deadline optimisation, HSSE, etc.

Our cluster of excellence and innovation is now extending its services in the field of Facility Management by developing innovative solutions for maintenance.

Nos solutions Innofuel : une offre évolutive

In the field of alternative fuels, Artelia is participating in pilot projects for the distribution of new types of energy: LNG, CNG, hydrogen, etc. The development of fuels liable to replace oil means rethinking the entire production-distribution system. 

This long-term transformation is starting to take shape in the distribution sector with the deployment of pilot facilities. ARTELIA Oil & Gas has already assisted Air Liquide with the creation of a service station proposing liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas and liquid nitrogen (a refrigerant). A new milestone was reached in 2016 with the creation of a hydrogen refuelling station on behalf of Shell.
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