ARTEDRONES: Artelia’s expertise augmented by drones

Drones are highly sophisticated, reliable and flexible devices that can be used for a wide range of assignments from simply taking aerial photos to performing photogrammetric surveys and 3D modelling. They are particularly invaluable for carrying out technical inspections, supervising a work site or conducting field surveys. ARTEDRONES provides a complete portfolio of aerial data acquisition services, ranging from assistance to project owners to the design and implementation of a complete data acquisition plan. 


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Augmenting Artelia’s expertise

Our teams provide a complete array of services, from helping project owners with preparatory tasks (identifying and analysing needs, selecting the most suitable solution and service providers, calculating costs and handling statutory procedures), through to overseeing and supervising the technical aspects of operations in the field. We also operate our own drones when our in-house teams and equipment match all of the client’s requirements. Our experts then summarise and process the aerial data collected, to provide a pertinent interpretation and analysis of the issues at stake.

ARTEDRONES has a wealth of expertise in aerial data acquisition, to enhance efficiency and increase safety while reducing costs.

Safer solutions


Unlike traditional methods (involving climbing, using a work cradle or aircraft, etc.), drones can reach remote areas that are difficult to access without putting human lives in danger. 

Recognised and certified expertise

Expertise certifiée et reconnue

ARTEDRONES is staffed by trained remote pilots holding French civil aviation authority (DGAC) accreditation, who operate a fleet of drones performing a host of functions (see detailed list of services below) and collaborate with a network of partners to assist clients wherever they are located and meet even their most specific needs. 
Our approach offers a customised package of services that are organised from A to Z and comply with statutory, technical and administrative constraints.

The simplest and most efficient solution

La solution la plus simple et la plus efficace

Drones are highly flexible and can be deployed rapidly. They acquire a large volume of data without intruding in an optimised period of time. ARTEDRONES is a one-stop shop providing turnkey solutions to any project needs.

A broad portfolio of services

Artedrones prestations
  • Technical inspections 
  • Work site supervision 
  • Field surveys 
  • Multispectral data acquisition 
  • Applications in hydraulics 

The key stages of your projects

The key stages of your projects

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