Our R&D and innovation policy

Artelia devotes a significant effort to research and innovation in the framework of its project assignments, internal programmes and collaborative projects.
Expenditure on R&D represents 3% of the Group’s total fees: a sustained investment that enables us constantly to improve the efficiency of our methods and the quality of the solutions we offer our clients, while optimising the cost of our services.

This innovation process pervades the entire company, since 600 Artelia staff members are involved in more than 180 “LABS”: groups of engineers and technicians who join together to work on a research project.

Each of the Group’s subsidiaries has an R&D – Innovation Department, which is coordinated by a steering committee and the Group R&D – Innovation Director. Its task is to organise the efforts of the 180 “LABS”, define strategic priorities, and promote the research advances achieved among clients, partners and employees.

A constant innovation process