Sports facilities – Culture – Leisure

Sports facilities – Culture – Leisure 

Considered focal points for community life enhancing the well-being of local residents, cultural and sports facilities are essential components in the drawing power of urban areas.

They are required to be pleasant and user-friendly while offering high-performance installations and complying with health and safety standards.

Our teams participate in ambitious projects alongside world-renowned architects, taking up many challenges with regard to technical aspects but also aesthetics and architectural characteristics in order to create top-level facilities meeting budget and deadline constraints.

France | Francheville

Artelia was appointed in the context of the renovation of the Aquavert centre in Franchville, lying at the heart of an urban park. The SIVU du Parc Aquavert (intercommunal syndicate dedicated to the aquatic centre) wanted the aquatic and fitness centre project to be implemented in line with a gre

France | Puteaux

Completed in 1989, the “Grande Arche” structure has become the emblematic building in La Défense district. This megastructure has the shape of a hollowed-out cube.