Chatelet Theatre

Renovation of the historic features and technical aspects of the building
Chatelet Theatre
Context & Issues

The Théâtre du Châtelet, which first opened its doors in 1862, has been given a new lease of life. In commissioning this refurbishment, the intention of the Paris city council was to modernise the theatre while at the same time preserving and restoring many of its original remarkable features. The facades and roof, the Grande Salle and the theatre’s foyer have thus been restored to the glory
of their imperial past. But the project has also involved many technical improvements: the rehearsal studios and sound and light management systems have been modernised, new scene-shifting
apparatus has been installed and the theatre’s electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and fire protection systems have been upgraded.

Artelia provided assistance to the Owner throughout the project, working closely with the design and construction supervision consortium headed by architects Philippe Pumain, alongside heritage architects Christian Laporte and set designer Thierry Guignard.

Project characteristics
  • Renovation of the decor and gilding in the main theatre, partial replacement of seating
  • Restoration of the imitation marble painted walls, large chandelier, large glass canopy (identical to the original) and consolidation of the building structure
  • Refurbishment of the stage frame, restoration of the polychromy on the woodwork, restoration of the roof covering
  • Upgrading of the building to achieve compliance with technical standards, renovation of the fittings and finishings, removal of lead from facades and from the building interior, plant rooms, studios and offices
  • Implementation of a new system of scenery management, making the Châtelet the first theatre in France with SIL level 3 certification