A historical leader in the field, Artelia designs dams and hydropower development projects along with the associated structures (locks, canals, tunnels, irrigation areas). 
As such, the Group is one of the world’s top 20 engineering firms with regard to hydropower dams.
Artelia works on both the design of new schemes and the rehabilitation of existing structures, and also has experience of smaller projects such as micro-hydropower plants.

France | Bourg-d'OIsans

CNR has bought La Sarenne, the company holding the concession to develop and exploit the Sarenne falls. CNR has commissioned Artelia to carry out a technical expert appraisal in order to optimise the scheme.


The Rusumo Falls hydropower scheme, which is financed by the World Bank, is set to generate 430 GWh per year, to be shared between the three contributing countries (Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi).

Congo - Brazzaville

The Democratic Republic of the Congo suffers from endemic electricity shortages. Just 10% of its 65 million inhabitants are connected to a supply, a figure that drops to a mere 1% in rural areas.