Pumped storage power plant, Attaqa Mountain in Suez

Modelling of the pumped storage power plant
Context & Issues

Artelia was awarded a strategic contract of the Consultancy Services Hydro Power Plants Executive Authority of the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy in Egypt, providing Owner’s Engineer services for a new pumped storage power plant, Attaqa Mountain in Suez, Egypt. The contract was signed, in Consortium with AF Consult Switzerland, on June 2017 and is considered a significant assignment, which shows the strength of the consortium as a leading consulting and engineering services provider in the field of pump storage power plants.

Project characteristics

The Pumped Storage Power Plant of Attaqa Mountain has a capacity of 2,400 MW. It will support the Ministry’s plans to diversify the energy sources in the country and will also help meet the growing electricity demand in the region in order for Egypt to benefit from energy produced from new and renewable sources and to be able to store this energy to be used when needed. Attaqa Pumped Storage Power Plant will be the first power plant in the Middle East to generate electricity from water stations using pumping and storage. The Chinese EPC+Finance Contractor; Sinohydro, will implement the Attaqa Mountain pumped storage power plant at a total cost of about USD 2.6 billion and the estimated duration of the project is 7 years.