Other renewable energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal, etc.)

Other renewable energy sources

Artelia has been active in the field of photovoltaics for more than 20 years, overseeing projects throughout their entire life cycle from the preliminary studies through to system commissioning.
Artelia thus participates in projects involving solar power with and without concentration, hybrid power systems (solar coupled with another energy source or a generator), on mini-grids, in isolated sites, or with storage facilities. To date Artelia has assisted with PV projects totalling more than 250 MWp (connected, isolated, rooftop or ground-mounted) and audited more than 1 GWp in France and around the world. Artelia is pursuing development in this field internationally, and is currently supervising the installation of a ground-mounted plant with a capacity of more than 100 MWp in Central America.

In addition to its skills in the field of offshore wind farms, Artelia regularly performs studies of sites and wind farm development areas, assessments of limiting factors and environmental studies for onshore wind farm projects. Artelia has thus assisted with more than 100 such projects in recent years. 

Drawing on its extensive knowledge of hydrogeology, Artelia assesses the geothermal potential of an aquifer at the scale of a city for low-energy uses (heat pumps, cooling of buildings), and studies the risks of thermal interaction between several neighbouring projects. 

A specialist in the design and rehabilitation of waste storage, treatment and recycling units, Artelia can assess the technical and economic feasibility of a biogas or biomethane waste-to-energy plant and provide the corresponding engineering services. 

United Arab Emirates

This 300 MW station is located near the city of Hatta in the Emirate of Dubai. It will make it possible to store the excess energy produced during off-peak hours by renewable energies (in particular photovoltaic) and then feed it into the grid during peak hours.

Mali | Koutalia, Sikasso

Artelia was in charge of studying the connection of the photovoltaic power plants in Koutalia (55 MW) and Sikasso (65 MW) to the interconnected network in Mali. Precise models of intermittent power generation were developed.

France | Burgundy-Franche-Comté

Artelia continued its partnership with Velocita (a European specialist in the development and operation of wind farms) by overseeing the construction of the facilities at Rougemont and Vaite, which wil