Environmental assessments and statutory compliance

Environmental assessments and statutory compliance

In most countries, the creation and operation of industrial sites are governed by strict environmental legislation based on risk assessment and pollution control. Artelia has been studying pollution and the absorption capacity of natural environments since the 1960s and has performed several thousand impact assessments, while keeping a close watch on constantly evolving regulations. Artelia thus has know-how and experience enabling it to work on complex environmental studies that call for its modelling capabilities (gas and liquid emissions), technical know-how (waste management, health security, noise) and knowledge of local legislation.


The Ain Tsila gas field (2500 km²) is located in the Illizi basin, in the east of the Sahara Desert, in southeast Algeria. It was discovered by the Isarene Consortium (Sonatrach, Petroceltic, Enel) in 2009.


In February 2012, Total acquired a 33% interest in four operating licences held by a subsidiary of Tullow Oil plc in Uganda. Located close to Lake Albert, these licences cover a surface area of nearly 10,000 km².

France | Messimy

Since 1995, Boiron has specialised in the production of homeopathic medicines at the Messimy site. The facility requires an operating licence in accordance with French legislation on hazardous installations (ICPE).