Infrastructure and utility networks for industrial sites

Infrastructure and utility networks for industrial sites

Regardless of the type of production concerned, all industrial sites must be equipped with an array of infrastructure to manage their exchanges with third parties in the best cost and operability conditions. Artelia has solutions for the best part of these developments. It is capable of designing and implementing effluent and solid waste management and treatment installations (flood relief and stormwater detention basins, wastewater treatment plants, sludge and commercial & industrial waste treatment facilities), water supply structures (wells, seawater or river intakes, pumping stations). Artelia also designs procurement and delivery structures in relation with production activities, such as quays, ports and specialised (oil, gas, ore, bulk, chemical, container) terminals, and develops site roadways and interfaces with external networks.


In the context of the project to install a cogeneration plant at the Marcq-en-Barœul production site (the largest yeast factory in the world since its creation in 1968), Artelia is performing a study that will be incorporated directly into a statutory public information document in order to compl

Algeria | Bethioua

Artelia was appointed by Total Lubrifiants Algérie to organise a hazard identification (HAZID) workshop and to prepare the hazard assessment concerning the project to build a new lubricant plant in Algeria.

France | Lyon

The Boiron group, which specialises in the production of homeopathic medicines, has embarked on the extension of its Messimy site in the framework of its programme to reorganise and develop its activities.