Nuclear facilities – Major scientific research facilities

Nuclear facilities – Major scientific research facilities 

Artelia has all the technical and regulatory skills required to work in the nuclear sector: nuclear power plants, reprocessing units, R&D laboratories, landfill sites, very large research infrastructure (TGIR).

To ensure safer designs for structures located in earthquake-prone areas, Artelia performs comprehensive seismic assessments on all types of new or existing structures, taking into account constraints related to nuclear activities and site conditions, such as earthquake- and shock-resistant designs and durability requirements to guarantee high levels of security.

Artelia assists its clients with designing and managing radioactive waste storage facilities, assessing and modelling radionuclide emission risks in the short and long term, or selecting the appropriate confinement techniques. Our teams have expert knowledge of industrial risk management applied to the nuclear sector: they are capable of analysing, drawing up and checking all types of documents in the context of essential safety reference documents to be granted authorisations.

France | Haute Marne

Construction of an industrial laundry designed to handle linen from the nuclear sector, as well as a specific area for maintaining, checking and reconditioning equipment for the nuclear sector:

France | Le Barp

Turnkey implementation of the SID (Diagnostics Insertion System) and BTDP (plasma diagnostics transfer box) of the Megajoule Laser Facility’s PETAL+ experiment system.