Research and control laboratories

Research and control laboratories

Research and control laboratories are one of Artelia’s specialities. In order to provide assistance with creating highly technical facilities (in the fields of nanotechnology, medical research, nuclear security, etc.) Artelia draws on its multidisciplinary skills in building construction, BIM, roads & utilities, green areas, water treatment and renewable energy to offer optimum working conditions to its clients, provide high security and safety levels, and meet stringent environmental certification requirements.

France | Paris

As a means of encouraging cross-disciplinary exchanges, Air Liquide has decided to group together in a single building the 350 researchers and 48 laboratories at its main R&D site on the Paris-Saclay campus.

France | Lyon

The Boiron group, which specialises in the production of homeopathic medicines, has embarked on the extension of its Messimy site in the framework of its programme to reorganise and develop its activities.