Designing efficient and environmentally-friendly schemes

Maritime areas are sites of dynamic natural exchanges and rich sources of biodiversity, but they are threatened by increasing demographic pressures in coastal areas: by 2035, more than 75% of the world’s population is likely to live less than 100 km from a coast.

With its expertise in hydrodynamics, sediment dynamics and civil engineering, Artelia is a partner of choice when it comes to the engineering aspects of port and coastal infrastructure and environmental consultancy for coastal and estuarine areas.

The Group is backed by one of Europe’s most advanced hydraulics laboratories, leading-edge numerical modelling capabilities and experience in operational shiphandling at the Port Revel Centre.

Artelia designs commercial ports, industrial, energy and ore terminals, intakes and outfalls, coastal protection structures and seafront tourist and urban development projects throughout the world.

Lastly, Artelia devotes considerable resources to research in order to harness the energy potential of oceans through the development of innovative marine energy solutions.