Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Manufacturing Factory

Hoa Phat Dung Quat Steel Manufacturing Factory
Context & Issues

Artelia has been commissioned by the Hòa Phát Dung Quát Steel JSC group to supervise the creation of a steelmaking and port complex in Quang Ngai province, one of the country’s biggest ever industrial projects.

The total area of the project includes 339.6 hectares of plant/factory construction and 26.9 hectares of port.

Project characteristics

The foundation of the plant uses pressurised centrifugal pressing piles of over 1 million meters length, bored piles with the number of over 4,000 piles - the foundation of Port used bored piles and pressurised centrifugal driven piles.

The technology tank system for the plant is over 18m depth with the diaphragm walls and top-down technology.

Factories with an average height of 40 - 50 m, span from 24m to 33m with crane span 33m and load up to 250 tons.
Total factory area is 1.125 million m².

When completed 2 phases will have 11 berths and 40 ha of storage yards.