Port of Gopalpur

Breakwater physical scale model tests: 2D study using a wave flume and 3D study using a wave tank
Port of Gopalpur : Breakwater physical scale model tests
Context & Issues
  • Testing different sections of the external breakwater and a section of the internal breakwater of the future port in a wave flume in order to assess the stability of the structures and measure overtopping flow rates for cyclonic swells.
  • On the 3D physical scale model in the wave tank, build the structures in accordance with the modifications following the tests in the wave flume in order to validate the design of the port.
  • Since the external breakwater is to be built partially on a breakwater that was destroyed by a cyclone, the sections on part of its length do not have a “conventional” shape, as they have an intermediate crest formed by the previous breakwater core.
  • Structures built with 8 m3 Accropode™ II units and 10 m3 at the roundhead, exhibiting particular geometric characteristics with several specific features (bend, roundhead).