Urban transport (metros, tramways, bus rapid transit, ...)

Urban transport (metros, tramways, bus rapid transit, ...)

Artelia’s know-how in the fields of engineering and consultancy is based on a wide range of experience and successes in all fields of urban transport: trains and tram-trains, metros, tramways, bus rapid transit, cable transport systems and all forms of reserved-lane public transportation.

Artelia has specific expertise in each of the specialist areas concerned: roads and urban developments, utilities, platforms/track beds, infrastructure (civil engineering, tunnels & bridges, underground structures, etc.), maintenance, stabling and workshop facilities, rolling stock, power circuits (power supply, substations/rectifier stations, overhead power lines, high/medium voltage lines, etc.), communication circuits (signage, centralised control systems, and safety, operating and information equipment, etc.).

Artelia is a partner of Société du Grand Paris, and has been commissioned in particular to provide project management services for the Grand Paris Express metro project, in which nearly 150 employees are involved.

France | Bordeaux

Artelia has been helping with the construction of the Bordeaux metropolitan area tramway for the past 20 years. This ambitious urban development project has had a profound effect on the city and its activities

France | Saint-Denis de La Réunion

To overcome the limitations of a network of winding, frequently congested roads, the north Réunion island district authority has opted to invest in an urban cable car that will serve five stations over a distance of 2.7 km.

France | Caen

The project consists in replacing the current Bombardier hybrid tramway on tyres (Guided Light Transit), inaugurated in 2002, with a system running on rails that will be more reliable, higher-capacity and hence more attractive, in order to counter the decreasing ridership and overcome the many te

Algeria | Sidi Bel Abbès

Yapi Merkezi, a Turkish contractor, has been appointed to provide turnkey construction services for the Sidi Bel Abbès tramway line, measuring 17.8 km, of which 12.5 km is a firm tranche.