3rd correction of the river Rhone – Rhone delta

Physical scale model of the Rhone delta in Lake Geneva
3rd correction of the river Rhone – Rhone delta
Context & Issues

In the context of the 3rd correction of the river Rhone, the cantons of Vaud and Valais are considering recreating a delta where the Rhone flows into Lake Geneva by re-opening a lateral branch upstream of the outlet point.

A physical scale model is being used to study these development works and the corresponding implementation conditions.

Artelia is in charge of developing the physical scale model to assess the hydrosedimentary operation of the delta on the lake side (changes in deposits depending on upstream inflows and wave-induced erosion) and on the land part, due to bank erosion, overflows, etc., that will create sedimentary movements between the current river Rhone and the projected branch.