Development of the port of Bujumbura and the Lake Tanganyika transport corridor

Port of Bujumbura
Context & Issues

Burundi is a landlocked country that has no access to the sea, whose only port is that of Bujumbura, located on the north shore of lake Tanganyika. The port is located at the intersection of the central and northern transport corridors (from the ports of Mombasa and Dar es Salaam to the DRC) and the south corridors (currently via the port of Mpulungu in Zambia and, in the future, all the way to South Africa).

The objective of the assignment is to pursue the study completed to the master plan stage by the JICA (2012), by studying the implementation of the port of Bujumbura development project beyond the initial works recommended and funded by the JICA, in order to consolidate future investment projects.