CSR policy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is materialised in the skills of the men and women who work at Artelia, whose mission is to imagine, design, and develop more efficient, harmonious and sustainable cities and regions. Our passion is to put our knowledge, intelligence and diversity at the service of our clients to design value-added solutions with them.

By implementing a proactive CSR policy and promoting eco-design as part of our clients’ projects, we are reasserting our social and environmental commitment as we strive constantly to improve.

Our CSR is enshrined in our integrated management system, SMART, which manages the quality, safety and environmental matters applicable to the entire Group and thus enables the company and its assignments to be managed efficiently and sustainably.

We have rolled out a proactive CSR Policy built on four pillars and twelve ambitious targets to be achieved by 2020 that underpin our everyday activities and prove that we are walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

Our values reflect our difference

The values shared by our teams find concrete expression in our everyday dealings with our clients. Every day we hence live out the promise represented by our signature, “Passion & Solutions”, our passionate commitment to ensure success for our clients.


100% of Artelia's capital is held by its managers and employees, providing a guarantee of total independence.


Artelia is committed to taking up the challenges of eco-design and sustainable development.


Artelia brings together the human qualities and talents of 4,900 employees who approach each project with commitment and a concern for the social and societal issues involved. 


Artelia aims to achieve excellence in research and development-based engineering to offer pertinent and reliable solutions


Artelia’s teams work in close proximity to their clients wherever in the world they may be. 

Our actions are guided by four themes