CSR policy

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is expressed through the skills of the men and women who work at Artelia, whose mission is to imagine, design, and develop more efficient, harmonious and sustainable cities and regions.

Our CSR policy is built on four pillars and 12 ambitious quantified objectives to be reached by 2020.

EcoVadis, which assesses some 45,000 companies around the world for their performance on CSR issues, has ranked us among its Top 5% and awarded us its Gold rating. This distinction has been achieved thanks to the efforts of all 4,900 of our employees.



Lastly, Artelia is a member of the United Nations’ Global Compact and is contributing actively to its 17 sustainable development Goals (SDG). These are incorporated into the four pillars of our CSR policy, and are factored into our projects and implemented through the roll-out of CSR practices across the Group. Artelia wants more than ever before to play a part in shaping a new world - a world that is kinder to people and more mindful of the environment. 


Global Compact


Our values reflect our difference

The values shared by our teams find concrete expression in our everyday dealings with our clients. Every day we hence live out the promise represented by our signature, “Passion & Solutions”, our passionate commitment to ensure success for our clients.


100% of Artelia's capital is held by its managers and employees, providing a guarantee of total independence.


Artelia is committed to taking up the challenges of eco-design and sustainable development.


Artelia brings together the human qualities and talents of 5900 employees who approach each project with commitment and a concern for the social and societal issues involved. 


Artelia aims to achieve excellence in research and development-based engineering to offer pertinent and reliable solutions


Artelia’s teams work in close proximity to their clients wherever in the world they may be. 

Our actions are guided by four pillars