Want to join a responsible and committed group?

Each and AllWe offer the strength of a growing group combined with a dynamic environment built around teams on a human scale ensuring respect for each individual, with short decision paths. In our work, we choose projects that strive to shape a world that is kinder to people and more mindful of the environment.


Diversity and inclusion: drivers of creativity and innovation

The bond that ties us together is enriched by our differences. It stimulates our teams and makes them more creative, enabling us to innovate both as individuals and collectively through the projects we implement.

Mutual respect and trust are vital: we strive to ensure that each individual finds their rightful place, achieves their full potential, flourishes and contributes to the collective purpose, with their visible and invisible differences, irrespective of their gender, age, sexual orientation, background, life choices, disability, illness, etc.

Artelia has been committed to advancing the recognition and inclusion of diversity in all forms for more than a decade.

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Governance focusing on sharing and listening

Artelia attaches great importance to sharing ideas, viewpoints and experience at all levels of the company.

This culture of dialogue takes the form of initiatives such as “young employee workshops”, “co-development workshops” between peers (team and project managers), “business boosters” bringing together experts from across the group on a variety of specialist topics, innovation workshops, and team challenges. These communities come together to develop our practices and enable us to learn from each other.

Listening is central to our management practices and our day-to-day relationships. It also takes the form of an anonymous, objective “pulse” survey conducted on a regular basis among all our teams.

These discussions and initiatives provide opportunities to speak freely, share opinions, challenge conventional wisdom and bring new solutions to life.


Projects that help protect the environment

If you join Artelia’s teams you will contribute to imagining and designing a more sustainable world. As a multi-disciplinary engineering firm we are involved in the preliminary phases of infrastructure projects in the fields of water, transport, energy, waste treatment, building construction, technology, industrial facilities and processes. This gives us a strategic role in addressing today’s climate and environmental challenges (resilience to climate change, adaptation, energy transition, resource efficiency, biodiversity, etc.).

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Last but not least, in the management of our sites and activities, we implement measures to limit our own carbon footprint. Optimising business travel and our vehicle fleet, managing waste sustainably, and saving energy in our offices are just some of the ways we can all contribute to a more environmentally responsible approach.

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