Want to join a group that’s a great place to work?

We offer the strength of a fast-growing group that has retained the dynamics of manageable local teams and short decision-making circuits, giving your creativity and individuality the freedom to develop fully.

Group governance in which listening and sharing are key principles

Artelia attaches great importance to new talents. This is underscored by its approach to governance, in which listening and sharing are key principles at all levels of the group.

One illustration of this corporate culture is the “Young Employee Workshops” programme, which involves regular meetings. These are opportunities for our talented young employees to meet the General Management team, express themselves freely, exchange opinions, shake up preconceived ideas and imagine new solutions!

Diversity, essential for boosting performance

Passing on know-how and skills is a strategic aspect of our performance and that is why we encourage the generations to mix and learn from one another. We can all learn from our colleagues, whatever their age, and we are convinced that everyone has something to say that will nurture the great ideas of the future!