Artelia Consulting, subsidiary of the French engineering group Artelia, is dedicated to Advisory services. Artelia Consulting combines the strength of the Artelia Group’s diversified technical expertise with know-how in strategy, finance and management services to serve investors and public/private key decision-makers.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, our teams will support you in the early stages of your thoughts and decisions, also taking into account side-topics such as social and environmental issues.


« While managing the constraints specific to your activities, your environment is becoming increasingly complex (increasing stakeholder numbers, regulatory changes, intersections of social, economic and environmental issues, etc.), it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve or turn your ambitions into reality. Building and translating a strategy into relevant, value-creating projects is a complex exercise that requires, among other things, a detailed understanding of the sectoral and/or geographical context, the application of appropriate methodologies and the ability to maintain all stakeholders’ support. »

Julien Saint, Artelia Consulting Director


For decades, Artelia has assisted investors and decision-makers in the public and private sectors to define their regional plans and managing their real estate assets. Over the years, our teams have developed an approach which includes technical, human, and conceptual skills, fostering communication between the various professions and integrating the operational and decision-making spheres.

Holistic approach
Our deep functional expertise is complemented by a holistic approach: we capture value across boundaries and between silos.
Artelia Consulting provides advice to help our clients achieve their business objectives and manage their assets. Our advisory services cover a broad range of management disciplines that require specific experience and expertise to provide a bespoke service to reflect our clients’ requirements. Real assets have complex uses and integrated lifecycles. Covering all sectors, we offer a complete portfolio of services at every stages from concept through deployment, to the assessment of best value options for ongoing use and management.

Principle of impartiality
As a true expression of our uniqueness and a founding value of Artelia, our 100% employee shareholding guides the performance of our assignments, instills independence of judgement in our teams and ensures that our services are provided with complete neutrality and unfailing objectivity in the opinions and recommendations expressed.


Private sector

  • Technical Due Diligence & Market due diligence (project finance / M&A context)
  • Strategic diagnosis (internal/external)
  • Strategic plan & operational implementation
  • Value engineering
  • CSR & European Taxonomy advisory services
  • Analysis of regulatory obligations and response strategies
  • Support in dealing with public institution
  • Positioning strategies on politically sensitive issues
  • Integration of private projects into public policies
  • Market screening / Industry insight
  • Support for real estate transactions: valuation analysis and management of the transaction process

Public institutions

  • Strategic advice to officials
  • Public policy advice
  • Integration of climate change objectives and risk management
  • Consultation and decision support
  • Preparation for outsourcing process


Composed of consultants and experts with diverse and highly qualified profiles, our teams approach your projects from a variety of angles while ensuring the support of all stakeholders. The combination of these skills enables them to build, alongside you, a 360° understanding of the issues addressed.

Renowned for their technical expertise, our consultants are equally recognised for their ability to listen, adapt and persuade.