Artelia provides industrial firms with specific services for managing the water cycle and the associated environmental risks.


Many industrial activities require the use of large volumes of water and call for specific measures to protect resources, treat them, and return them to the natural environment. Artelia works in all these areas.

We design groundwater tapping facilities and sea and river water intake and outfall structures for thermal and nuclear power plants, desalination plants and industrial complexes of many types (chemical, petrochemical, mining, food industry, steel, metallurgical, and more). We have performed many different dimensional design and optimisation studies for sea and river outfalls, covering aspects such as protecting them against frost and ensuring that effluent disperses and dilutes without harming the environment. We call on high-performance 3D modelling tools to prevent risks of heated or saline water recirculation.

Our teams design, implement and oversee the maintenance of groundwater tapping structures and facilities, and help clients manage the technical and regulatory requirements related to protecting aquifers against industrial risks. Artelia has developed a containment procedure, called HydrauFaraday ®.


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