Anticipating and adapting to increasingly intense extreme weather events and rising sea levels.

Thinking differently about flood risk

With extreme weather events expected to increase in frequency and intensity, many cities and local authorities are reassessing their exposure to flood risk and updating their resilience strategy by planning development works, building or adapting structures, implementing crisis management procedures, among other measures.

We support these authorities at every step of these processes. We perform flood and inundation modelling at a variety of scales. We carry out vulnerability assessments and propose mitigation solutions striking the right balance between technical, economic, environmental and social feasibility. We study and design the schemes and structures required to adapt to climate hazards, and also contribute to the creation of efficient early warning and crisis management systems.

Adapting to rising sea levels

Developments in coastal areas must now factor in the rising sea levels, which are accelerating coastal erosion and increasing the potential intensity of storms and flood waves. Many local authorities are currently reconsidering their relationship with the sea, the exposure of coastal areas and towns, and developments that will boost their resilience.

We support stakeholders facing these issues throughout the process of assessing, planning and implementing adaptation measures. Over the decades we have acquired extensive know-how in coastal modelling and coastline preservation. We have also assisted many authorities in coastal areas with their discussions on how to live with the ocean, and with their coastal and maritime development schemes.

Living with increasing temperatures

In many regions of the world, climate change is starting to drive up temperatures and increase the occurrence of heatwaves, with direct impacts for water resources, agriculture and industry as well as for building design and urban and regional development.

We have taken these heating-related issues completely on board and are developing a variety of adaptation solutions. We co-develop strategies to move towards resilient cities and regions. We apply ecodesign methods to buildings, including solar insolation assessments, heliodon studies, and thermal performance assessments. We have acquired extensive know-how in the field of cooling (cooling networks, heating/cooling loops, seawater air conditioning, etc.). Many local authorities also call on us to help them prevent urban heat islands, with a particular focus on bringing nature back into public spaces.


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